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Crapo Measure to Explore 'Test-Bed' Concept at DOE Labs Adopted By Senate Energy Panel

Senator to speak at Intermountain Energy Summit in Idaho Falls today

Washington, D.C.- Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will be speaking at the Intermountain Energy Summit today in Idaho Falls.  The event comes on the heels of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee's recently unveiled Energy Policy Modernization Act (EPMA), which includes three measures supported Crapo.  The EMPA includes a Crapo measure (S. 1363) that fosters innovation in the nuclear energy industry by requiring the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to report on its ability to on its ability to authorize, host and oversee privately-funded fusion and fission reactor prototypes at DOE-owned sites, such as the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  The measure also includes language from a Crapo-supported (S. 822) measure that would allow the Department of Interior to award noncompetitive leases on federal land for geothermal development.  Finally, the EPMA will include a Warren-Crapo energy efficiency measure (S. 1342).  The full bill could see possible floor consideration this fall.

Promoting nuclear research and investment in the United States

Crapo is a strong advocate of encouraging research and investment in nuclear energy, especially as the United States continues to lag behind in developing new nuclear technologies.   He previously introduced the Nuclear Energy Innovation Act as a standalone bill.  The measure would direct the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)  and other federal agencies (such as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) to assess their capabilities to authorize and host privately-funded reactor prototypes at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) labs, such as the Idaho National Laboratory.

"The United States must regain its leadership in nuclear technology" said Crapo.  "Nuclear energy is a key component of the kind of long-term, diversified energy plan our country needs.  As other nations continue to make strides toward developing new technologies, we must encourage innovation and investment here at home.  Currently, nuclear energy innovators and scientists are unable to test their proposed technologies, which makes it difficult to prove the principles behind their work.  The inclusion of this measure is an important first step in bringing about a nuclear technology demonstration facility.  Ideally, such a facility will foster greater collaboration between the government and private sector to reduce the risk of deploying new nuclear technologies."

Request for DOE study on energy efficiency technology cost savings

An amendment based on bipartisan legislation Crapo introduced with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was adopted by the committee by a voice vote.  This measure would direct the DOE to conduct a study quantifying the cost savings from operational energy efficiency technologies.  The study in turn would help building owners and manufacturers continuously monitor their energy use and keep their facilities and industrial processes operating at optimal efficiency-saving both energy and money in the process.

"Increasing our nation's energy efficiency must remain a priority," said Crapo. "This measure, without creating any new programs or spending any new federal dollars, would encourage the public and private adoption of energy efficiency technologies, saving money for both the federal government and the private sector."

Schedule details

12:00 PM 

Crapo to Speak at Intermountain Energy Summit

Shilo Inn, 780 Lindsay Blvd.

Idaho Falls