Economy, Jobs and Business

Our economy works best when government provides the proper framework so that each American can pursue their own American dream. Because our economy is dependent upon many factors such as fair tax rates, international trade and federal budget goals and realities, the government must reduce regulatory burdens on businesses and industry and allow free market principals to be the drivers of our economy.

 Growth and job creation are at the top of nearly everyone's concerns.  Tax policy factors into economic growth, and I want to make certain that Idahoans and Idaho businesses can flourish.  As a ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, I am dedicated to reforming the tax code to lower the burden on all Americans and to making the tax code fairer, flatter and simpler.  Whether we cut taxes across-the-board, adopt a flat income tax or other reform measures, it is imperative we act to improve and modernize our outdated tax system.

 I support free and fair trade and have confidence in the ability of Idaho and U.S. agriculture, business, and industry to compete in an ever-competitive, global economy.  However, trade must be on a level playing field if it is to work properly for both consumers and exporters.  When we open our markets, our trading partners must also reduce trade barriers and open their own markets to our goods and services.   We can be tough and fair on trade by strongly and appropriately enforcing our trade remedy laws to ensure our producers are protected from unfair foreign practices.

 Our economy has the potential to reach higher levels of growth to deliver rewards for everyone.  I will always work to support and implement free market policies that reduce regulation, lower taxes and create the conditions for sustained growth and innovation.