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U.S. National Debt:


Idaho, and the nation, require stable, affordable sources of energy to power daily life. It is essential for our economy to be productive and competitive and for the most basic of daily tasks. In order to meet our growing energy demands, our nation must pursue energy from many sources, not just traditional fossil fuels like oil, petroleum or natural gas. Hydroelectric, nuclear, geothermal, solar and other alternative energies are important to supporting our nation’s ability to meet its needs and provide for its energy independence.

Advances in energy efficiency technologies are also an important part of any domestic energy policy. Idaho has been at the front lines of innovation and creativity in the energy space for decades. It was in Idaho that the world’s first usable electricity from nuclear energy was generated at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The INL is a national treasure. I support the lab and I will work to ensure the lab is at the forefront of innovation and public-private partnerships for years to come.

In my work in the Senate, I consistently seek out opportunities to promote a national energy policy that will lead us to less dependence on foreign sources. As technology impacting energy production and storage continues to progress, I will continue to support programs that expand and improve our nation's energy portfolio.