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Crapo Full Town Meeting Schedule


Visits cities in southern Idaho during August, September

 Boise - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is ramping up his town meeting schedule in Idaho during the August and September state work period.  Crapo opens his town meetings with a discussion about the federal government's federal debt that is nearing $19 trillion, then takes questions from Idahoans in attendance. He plans an additional 58 Idaho town meetings during August and September.  

  Crapo's schedule includes the following town meetings:

Monday, August 10: 

9:00 AM      Wendell                Wendell City Hall, 375 1 st Avenue East

10:30 AM     Gooding                Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, Multipurpose Room, 1450 Main 

12:30 PM     Fairfield                Camas County Senior & Community Center, 129 Willow Avenue West

  2:30 PM       Carey                    Carey City Hall, 20482 Main Street

  4:30 PM       Richfield               Richfield Senior Center, 130 South Main Street

  6:30 PM       Dietrich                Dietrich City Park, 620 North Main Avenue

  Tuesday. August 11:

  9:00 AM      Filer                     Filer City Hall, 300 Main Street

 10:30 AM    Hollister               Grange Hall, 2340 Main Street

12:30 PM     Castleford            Castleford Community Center, 475 Main Street

2:00 PM       Buhl                       Buhl City Hall, 230 Broadway Avenue N.

4:00 PM       Hagerman             Hagerman City Hall, 191 State Street North

  5:30 PM       Bliss                       Bliss Fire District, 120 U.S. Highway 30

Wednesday, August 12:

12:30 PM     Boise                    Fire briefing and news conference, National Interagency Fire Center.

  Thursday, August 13:

  11:00 AM     Middleton             Middleton Fire Station, 302 E. Main Street                        

 1:00 PM       New Plymouth      VFW Hall, 114 S. Plymouth

Monday, August 17:

  10:00 AM     Boise                   Participates in Congressional Awards Ceremony, Idaho Statehouse 

Tuesday, August 18:

Noon          Idaho Falls           Speaks at the Intermountain Energy Summit, Shilo Inn, 780 Lindsay Boulevard

Monday, August 24:

9:30 AM      Minidoka              Minidoka City Hall, 402 Cherry Street

11:00 AM     Acequia                Acequia Elementary School Library, 360 North 350 East

  12:30 PM     Rupert                  Wilson Theater, 610 Fremont Street

2:00 PM       Paul                      Paul City Hall, 152 South 600 West

4:00 PM       Hazelton               Pizza Cache, 375 Main Street

Tuesday, August 25:

10:00 AM     Payette                 Payette Public Library, 24 S. 10 th Street

Noon             Midvale                 Veterans Memorial Hall, Off U.S. 95

1:30 PM       Cambridge           Cambridge Senior Center, 40 Superior Street

3:30 PM       Council                 Council Senior Center, 103 E. Main Street

Wednesday, August 26:

12:30 PM     Oakley                  Oakley Fire Department, Community Room,  315 E. Main Street

2:30 PM       Declo                    Declo City Hall & Fire Station, 8 N. Clark Street

4:00 PM       Albion                   Albion Civic Center, 124 South Main

6:00 PM       Malta                   Raft River High School Auditorium, 55 1 st West

Thursday, August 27:

11:00 AM     Arimo                   Arimo City Hall, 115 Henderson Avenue

1:30 PM       Preston                Preston City Hall, 70 W. Onida Street

3:00 PM       Franklin                Franklin City Hall, 128 E. Main Street

5:00 PM       Downey                Marsh Valley Senior Center, 21 S. Main

Friday, August 28:

8:30 AM       C hubbuck             Chubbuck City Hall, 5160 Yellowstone

10:30 AM     Rockland              Rockland City Hall, 135 South Main

1:00 PM       Malad City            Malad City Hall, 59 Bannock

3:00 PM       McCammon         McCammon City Hall, 802 Front

4:30 PM       Inkom                   Inkom City Hall, 365 N. Rapid Creek Road

Saturday, August 29:

  11:00 AM     Oxford                  Oxford Community Pavilion, 8950 N. Westside Highway

12:30 PM     Clifton                    Moyle Community Center, 175 W. Center Street

2:00 PM       Dayton                   Beutler Middle School, Dahle Community Center, 626 N. Westside Highway

3:30 PM       Weston                 Weston City Hall, 15 E. Depot Street

Monday, August 31:

10:00 AM     Ririe                     Ririe City Hall, 464 Main Street

Noon           Irwin                     Swan Valley Outpost, 3427 Swan Valley Highway

1:30PM       Swan Valley       American Legion Hall, 157 Stoltenberg Lane

Tuesday, September 1:

  10:30 AM     Kimberly              Kimberly City Hall, 242 Highway 30 East

Noon              Eden                     Silver and Gold Senior Center, 210 E. Wilson

2:30 PM       Glenns Ferry        Glenns Ferry City Hall, 110 E. Second Street

Wednesday, September 2:

9:00 AM      Boise                   Addresses attendees at the Zions Bank Small Business Conference,                                                    Boise Centre on the Grove, 850 W. Front Street

2:30 PM       Nampa                  Presents Idahoan Joe Bell with the Spirit of Idaho Award for his work documenting public access at  Lake Lowell, Nampa City Hall, 411 3 rd Street S.  

Thursday, September 3:

  10:00 AM     Stanley                 Stanley Community Building, 510 Eva Falls Avenue

  12:30 AM     Clayton                 Clayton Museum, Highway 75

  2:30 PM       Challis                  Challis Community Event Center, 411 Clinic Road

5:00 PM     Salmon                 Sacajawea Center, 2700 East Main

  Friday, September 4:

  10:00 AM     Leadore                Leadore School, 119 3 rd Street

  1:00 PM       Butte City             Corner of Highway 26 and 8 th Street

  2:30 PM       Arco                     Arco Butte Business Incubation Center, 159 North Idaho Street

Saturday, September 5:

11:30 AM     Placerville             The Plaza, Placerville