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Federal Agency Assistance

Idahoans are, by nature, very independent, but sometimes you may find that you need help with a personal issue that involves contacting a federal agency. I am happy to be able to assist you in such circumstances. Please contact the staff in one of my Regional Offices to discuss your situation, after which I will contact the agency on your behalf to assure that you have been given every consideration available by law. It is also important to remember that my office does not have any authority to direct a certain outcome or expedite a process. I can only help communicate the circumstances and request that the agency take appropriate actions to assist you.

Some federal agencies with which you may need assistance are:

By clicking the links provided above, you can view a list of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about issues involving individual concerns with the agencies. For example, if you have a question about why you have not received your passport, you can click on Passports and review the list of questions and answers provided. By reviewing the FAQs, you may readily find the answer to your question. For a complete listing of all government departments and agencies, please visit alphabetical index. Many of the government sites maintain a FAQs section that may provide you with an answer to your question. As always, you are welcome to contact one of my Regional Offices for assistance.

There may be times when emergencies arise and an immediate passport is needed, or a family member is ill in a foreign country, or some other unexpected event occurs that requires immediate attention. If this happens, you should contact my office in your local area for immediate assistance.

The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that I have your written authorization before I can obtain any information about you from a federal agency. While a friend or family member can certainly contact my office on someone else's behalf, the privacy release form must be signed by the individual needing the assistance. On any correspondence sent to me, please include your phone number and contact information so that my staff can be as responsive as possible to your request. All information provided will remain confidential. You can read my office's Privacy Policy here.

Please keep in mind that due to the constitutional separation of the legislative and judicial branches of government, an elected official is not allowed to be involved in legal matters. In these matters, you may wish to seek legal counsel. Additionally, I can only assist with federal agencies. If your concern is with a state or local entity, you will need to contact the appropriate jurisdiction for these issues. Additionally, those who are not living within the state of Idaho should contact their own state's delegation members for assistance.  Exceptions to this would include military personnel who are away from the state while on active duty or students attending college out of state.

Again, I am more than happy to assist with issues you might have with the federal government and look forward to being your advocate whenever possible.