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Rail Tech Advances Could Mean Long-Term Jobs

Crapo, Governor and Commerce reps, Bieter join MotivePower, Idaho Power

Boise - Technological innovations and improvements in mass transit, being created jointly by MotivePower, Inc. (MPI), a Boise-based subsidiary of Wabtec, and a General Electric subsidiary is translating into a bright future for Idaho workers. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter's Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich and Boise Mayor Dave Bieter will join MotivePower Vice President and General Manager Mark Warner Friday to discuss the jobs and innovation behind MPI's new $114.6 million contract with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

The contract calls for MotivePower to supply 20 locomotives to the Authority by 2013. Crapo, Congressman Mike Simpson, and members of the Idaho Congressional Delegation worked with Governor Otter and Mayor Bieter to push for Idaho workers to get the contract under the terms of the federal Buy America Act.

MotivePower says the project is expected to create or retain 1,246 jobs. The locomotives will be manufactured at the Boise facility and will include parts supplied by GE Transportation of Erie, Pennsylvania. MotivePower is a subsidiary of Wabtec Corporation, which is based in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.
Idaho Power will also be honoring MotivePower during the Friday event for energy-efficiency innovations made at the Boise facility.

"This project is a win-win because it not only maintains or creates hundreds of jobs, but it also shows that Idaho workers are leading the way in setting the standard for efficiency in mass transit," said Crapo. "Because of the work of MotivePower, Idaho can boast it is home to the most environmentally-friendly and efficient rail innovation, as we move into higher-speed mass transit around the nation."

'MotivePower's experience in unparalleled in the industry," said Otter. "Since 1972, it has delivered more than 2,500 locomotives from its Boise, Idaho facility. It is an American company producing superior American products at a competitive price."

"On a level playing field, Idaho businesses can not only compete in a global market, but they can excel," said Simpson. "I am pleased that MotivePower has been given the opportunity to showcase the innovation and expertise that they bring to the market at a competitive price, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact that this new contract will have both on communities in our state and on our nation's rail transportation system as a whole."

"This contract represents a substantial economic development victory for our city and the entire Boise Valley," Bieter said. "Through innovation and hard work, MotivePower has provided another inspirational example of what can be achieved by a local company. I'm proud the efforts of the congressional delegation and my office in 2008 helped MotivePower to keep these jobs in America."