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Idaho Energy Stories Submitted To U.S. Senate

Close to 800 share with Crapo how high energy costs are affecting them

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo began the process of following through on his promise to share how high energy prices are affecting Idahoans. Today, he began submitting the stories sent to him from Idahoans to the Congressional Record, a process he vows to keep up until every story has been shared. Since Monday evening, more than 800 Idahoans have responded by sharing their thoughts on how their lives have changed because of high energy prices as well as how Congress needs to address the energy crisis now confronting every American.

"Idahoans are sending me heartbreaking and touching stories about how their lives are affected by high energy prices," Crapo said. "It's not just filling the tank; these high energy prices touch every aspect of our lives-family time, food prices, work commutes, the list goes on and on. Many Idahoans have taken efforts to cut back on the niceties to accommodate the necessities, but now far too many face the choice of which necessity to ignore-gas or food, job or family. For years, Congress has unsuccessfully grappled with a national energy policy; now we are at a point where decisions must be made, compromises must be negotiated if we are to finally be forward-thinking. This isn't only a question of what we are handing future generations; it's affecting families right here, right now."

"I've also asked Idahoans to share how they want Congress to resolve, and the suggestions are voluminous and wide-ranging," Crapo added. "Some start simply with conservation efforts, something that I have long supported, while others encourage increased offshore oil drilling and increased domestic production, more sustainable alternative and renewable energy sources, stronger support for nuclear energy options and more efficient transportation options. Nearly all have expressed concerns for not just their future, but for the future of their children and grandchildren. And they are adamant about Congress moving beyond half-truths and partisan politics to find solutions. While I may differ in my opinions on some suggestions, I am thrilled that so many have taken time to share their thoughts with me. Some have shared research, videos and book recommendations. To respect that effort, I plan on submitting every e-mail sent to me through to the Congressional Record. And to keep attention on this matter, I will be submitting them a few at a time every day until every one has been submitted. This is not an issue that will be easily resolved, but it is one that deserves immediate and serious attention. I plan to continue working to find other ways to bring these stories to the attention of my colleagues in Congress."

As a member of the Senate Renewable and Energy Efficiency Caucus, Crapo is already committed to conservation measures along with the increased utilization of domestic energy sources and nuclear power along with renewable and alternative energy sources.

Crapo plans to submit 10 to 15 stories every day that the Senate is in session until he has submitted all those that have been sent to him. At present, that process will take at least 55 days, which could extend into three months or longer depending on how many days the Senate is in session. On the day that the stories are submitted, they will also be featured on Crapo's website, The stories will be submitted with minimal editing only for profanity, grammar, punctuation and clarity. Idahoans who wish to do so are encouraged to share their stories by sending an e-mail to There is no deadline for submitting the information.