May 30, 2013

Crapo Submits North Idaho Testimony in IRS Probe

Meets with couple Friday in Post Falls who started Tea Party group

Post Falls - As part of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee's investigation into alleged Internal Revenue Service (IRS) harassment of Tea Party and other conservative organizations, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has submitted documents and testimony from a Coeur d'Alene-area couple.  Crapo will meet Friday with Phil and Leslie Damiano, of Hayden Lake, who submitted the documents, during a special meeting of the Panhandle Pachyderm Club in Post Falls.  The meeting at Templin's Red Lion Inn is free and open to the public.


The Damianos submitted copies of letters written to their Tea Party Patriots of North Idaho group from the IRS.  The group had applied for 503 (c) (4) status with the IRS on the recommendation of their CPA who stated that the group clearly fit into the description of the status. The letters asked seriously invasive questions about the group, speakers and donors.  After receiving the letters, the Damianos decided to fold the group rather than answer the "unreasonable and invasive requests" of the IRS.  The Damianos received multiple phone calls at their place of business from the IRS.  The $800 fee that the group paid with the application was not refunded.  The Damianos felt that their group was targeted because of its conservative political stance. 

Last week, the Finance Committee and Crapo brought several IRS officials before them to answer questions as the Committee opened a formal investigation into IRS activities.  Crapo asked the IRS Inspector General for Tax Investigation: "How could an agency with the power that the IRS has engage in this kind of conduct and it not be politically motivated?," noting that many Americans understand a federal agency with the powers of the IRS can be the"prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner."    Video of Crapo's Committee questions can be viewed at


Crapo will also meet with all six Silver Valley mayors and Shoshone County commissioners concerning new federal wastewater standards and costs related to conforming with the federal regulations.  The Idaho Delegation has requested the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assist local communities with costs related to aging water systems.


Crapo meets with Damianos on IRS case; addresses Panhandle Pachyderm Club:


Friday, May 31


Templin's Red Lion Inn, 414 E. First Avenue

Post  Falls


Crapo meets with all six Silver Valley mayors and county commissioners, tours South Fork Sewer District facilities:


            Friday, May 31

            2:00-2:30 PM

            46643 Silver Valley Road, Between Pinehurst and Smelterville

            Shoshone County