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Crapo Seeks Idahoans' Input On Energy Issues

Says state opinions can shape future legislative actions in the US Senate

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo today announced a new effort to give Idahoans a direct voice in how to resolve problems related to high gasoline, diesel and energy prices. Crapo says Congress needs the input of Idahoans, and Americans in general, to help draft legislation that may solve issues related to high energy costs, and he is using his official website to let Idahoans share their stories.

Crapo is asking for Idahoans to send him their personal stories on how high energy prices are affecting their lives along with any ideas on how to best resolve the situation. As a member of the Senate Renewable and Energy Efficiency Caucus, Crapo is already committed to conservation measures along with the increased utilization of domestic energy sources, nuclear power, renewables and alternatives. But he says Congress must come together on a legislative fix, and "that's where public input comes in."

"Members of every Idaho family, like so many Americans, are being hit hard by sky-high prices for gasoline, diesel, home heating and other energy needs," Crapo said. "The driving distances between places in our state as well as limited public transportation options mean that many of us don't have any choice but to keep driving and paying those ever-increasing prices for fuel. The United States is too dependent on petroleum for our energy. And we are far too dependent on foreign sources of that petroleum. We urgently need to expand our own domestic production of petroleum and significantly diversify our energy sources.

"I am asking for your help," Crapo continued. "I'd like to share your stories about the effect that high gas and energy prices are having on your lives. It is important that my colleagues in the Senate better understand how real people in Idaho are coping with these escalating costs. Idahoans cannot ignore rising gasoline prices, and your stories could help convince federal lawmakers to stop ignoring this crisis."

Crapo is asking Idahoans to take a few minutes to send him an e-mail at with a paragraph or two about how they and family members are affected by high energy prices. Those writing are also invited to share the priorities that they think Congress should set in resolving this crisis-increased domestic oil production, expanded nuclear energy research, incentives for conservation, or any additional information that they wish to share.

"This year alone, the average American family will spend more than $200 a month on gasoline," he added. "That's about $50 more each month than last year, and with all the driving that we do in Idaho, everyone is feeling the pinch. Congress should not be sitting on the sidelines while Idahoans are paying the price at the pump, and I hope together we can spur some real action on this issue."