March 31, 2011

Crapo Honored by High-tech Industry

Recognized as "Legislator of the Year"

Washington, D.C.  - Long concerned with the nation's rising debt, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is committed to finding common ground in achieving comprehensive deficit-reduction solutions.  In recognition of his efforts, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) presented Crapo with the "Legislator of the Year" award.  Micron Technology's Deputy General Counsel, Joel Poppen, presented Crapo with the award in a meeting with representatives of more than a dozen ITI companies.   

The ITI Legislator of the Year Award is presented annually to those who emerge as champions for preserving and expanding U.S. leadership in information and communications technology.  Crapo has consistently advocated for making U.S. corporate tax and trade policies more competitive for American businesses

"The 2010 Legislator of the Year award recipients are all leaders who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to twenty-first century technology needs," said Dean Garfield, President and CEO of the ITI.  "Senator Crapo understands the role that technology plays in driving U.S. global competitiveness, spurring innovation and creating jobs here at home.  He is clearly setting an example for policymakers across the nation to follow." 

Crapo is a member of the three Senate Committees with jurisdiction over most tax, budget and lending issues: the Finance Committee; the Budget Committee and the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.  "Comprehensive tax reform that reduces the corporate tax rate, currently the highest in the industrialized world, and transitions to a competitive territorial system will help spur the kind of economic growth and job creation our nation needs to address our current fiscal difficulties," Crapo said.  "The high-tech industry is providing fundamental analysis and input to help Congress achieve this goal."

As part of that effort, Crapo notes that the United States' high-tech sector has been the cornerstone of innovation, job creation and economic growth.  He said high-tech innovation enables U.S.-based companies to grow and compete across the global economy, which is essential to our nation's long-term economic health and well-being.

The ITI's policy initiatives say the organization is committed to working with Congress to implement fiscally responsible policy ideas that will reduce our debt and ensure that the United States is fully prepared to maintain its lead as the most innovative nation in the world.  While any given proposal will not solve the problem in its entirety, ITI leaders believe that the high-tech industry offers a proven blueprint for public-private collaboration going forward.