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Weekly Column: Congressional Internships Offer Invaluable Experiences

Guest column submitted by U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

I interned on Capitol Hill for then-Representative Orval Hansen of Idaho’s Second Congressional District.  That eye-opening experience helped spur my interest in the political process and public service.  Interns gain real-world skills in the legislative process, communications and public service at the federal level.  As such, my Idaho and Washington, D.C., offices offer internship opportunities.  The March 1, 2024, deadline to apply for Summer and Fall 2024 internships in my offices is approaching.  I welcome applications.

Former interns in my office now work in public relations, news organizations, city planning offices in Idaho, public service and many other fields.  For example:

  • Amy Agenbroad, Nampa.  Summer 2018.  Graduated, University of Idaho, degrees in finance and international studies.  She has worked in lobbying and consulting, and is currently a Public Information Officer for the Idaho State Police.  She is also a former National Football League cheerleader for the now-Washington Commanders.  Agenbroad said, “I discovered the true essence of public service under [Senator Crapo’s] leadership, fostering unwavering dedication to constituents, coupled with a friendly environment.”
  • Hunter Funk, American Falls.  Summer 2017.  Graduated, University of Idaho, degree in broadcast digital media, political science and public relations, and a minor in Spanish.  An Emmy-nominated journalist, Funk now resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is an anchor for WFMY News 2.  Her coverage has included First Lady Jill Biden, sports stars and corporate owners and presidents.  Funk has always had a passion for politics and news, and says her internship in the Washington, D.C., office allowed her to experience both.  “It is a leading reason behind the success I gained over the last several years.  It was a positive environment with great people.”
  • Hootie Langseth, Arco.  Spring 2017.  Graduated, Idaho State University (ISU), degrees in political science and sociology.  Langseth was elected Butte County Commissioner in 2020, and is currently in his second term.  When first elected, Langseth was 24, and may be the youngest County Commissioner in the State of Idaho’s history.  “Not a single day, while I was an intern, was the same.  I never knew who I would get to meet or run into in the Capitol.”  Langseth attended and experienced many historic events during his internship, including the inauguration of President Donald Trump and the confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.
  • Luci Willits, Grant.  Summer 1994 (U.S. House).  Graduated, ISU, degree in American studies and marketing.  Willits lives in Boise, where she serves on the Boise City Council and as Vice President of Policy at Age of Learning.  After interning in the D.C. office, she also interned for then-Senator Larry Craig and the Heritage Foundation before serving as Representative Mike Simpson's (R-Idaho) first press secretary.  "Going to Washington, D.C., and working on Capitol Hill was a formative experience for me.  It changed the course of my life.  I'd never visited that far from Idaho or lived outside of the state.  It felt intimidating.  But Rep. Crapo's office was mini-Idaho.  People were friendly, kind, and looking for ways to help Idahoans.  Rep. Crapo treated his staff as a team.  The experience fueled my desire to be a more active participant in our democracy.  Even if a person has no desire to have a career in public service, it's an experience that will make you appreciate what we have and why we need people of integrity running for office and winning."

To read about the experiences of some interns in my offices this past year, please visit the 2023 Intern Spotlight page on my official website at:

An internship is an excellent way to explore possible career options while gaining valuable life experience.  Interested students can find more information about the application process, internship expectations and deadlines for applying on my official website at: