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April 13, 2006

Crapo, Wasden Announce National Effort On Domestic Violence Funding; Senator Also Kicks Off Healthy School Snack PROGRAM

Boise â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will announce a national effort Monday aimed at saving millions of federal dollars that go to fight domestic violence and assist victims of crime in Idaho and across the country. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden will join Crapo to express his support and announce a similar effort among the nationâ??s Attorneys General. Crapo has led an effort in the Senate to save funding in the Crime Victims Fund at a time when budget writers are considering moving the m… Continue Reading

April 07, 2006

Crapo Honors CDA Human Rights Task Force, Awards Orofino Civics Students

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will honor the work of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations and tour the new Human Rights Education Institute in Coeur dâ??Alene this Monday. Crapo will present the Task Force with a framed copy of his Congressional Record Statement lauding the groupâ??s accomplishments. During his visit to Idaho next week, Crapo will also visit with students at an Orofino High School civics class planning a trip to Washington, DC. He will also keynote the… Continue Reading

April 07, 2006

Crapo Holds Out Hope For Sound Immigration Reform

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo says the proper balance has not yet been achieved in immigration reform legislation pending in the Senate, and expresses frustration with Senate Democrats holding up debate and votes on amendments to improve the legislation. Crapo says that while he supports the border security measurers considered on the floor of the Senate, disagreement remains over how to address illegal immigration.â??We must have the ability to secure our borders in order to enabl… Continue Reading

April 07, 2006

Crapo: Economy Continues Strong Growth

Washington, DC â?? Figures released today by the Department of Treasury demonstrate that Idahoans are benefiting from the strong economic growth in the country, according to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly employment report today, citing a drop in the unemployment rate from 4.8% to 4.7% in March, which is its lowest mark in more than four years. In Idaho, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the country at 3.4% for February, the most recent … Continue Reading

April 05, 2006

Crapo Expects Agreement On Kempthorne For Interior Secretary

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo met with Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne on Capitol Hill today as Kempthorne seeks confirmation as the Presidentâ??s nominee for Interior Secretary. The half-hour meeting covered a range of topics including Crapoâ??s recently-introduced legislation to strengthen the Endangered Species Act, the Collaboration for the Recovery of the Endangered Species Act (CRESA), and the possibility of legislation dealing with the Owyhee Canyonlands.â??The Governor, havi… Continue Reading

April 04, 2006

Crapo Amendment Boosts Northern Border Security

Washington, DC â?? With debate over immigration reform underway in the U.S. Senate, Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) are co-sponsoring an amendment to immigration reform legislation before the Senate that will strengthen efforts to prosecute those who cross the northern U.S. border illegally. If enacted, the Northern Border Prosecution Initiative would reimburse state and local law enforcement jurisdictions in their efforts to combat illegal immigration along the n… Continue Reading

April 04, 2006

Crapo: Immigration Reform Must Be Comprehensive

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo spoke about the effort in the Senate to address immigration reform, border security, interior and worksite enforcement and temporary guestworker programs during his weekly teleconference today with Idaho-based reporters. The Senate is expected to continue to debate immigration reform over the course of the week.â??Americans enjoy a stable political and economic system, and it is understandable that individuals and families from other countries would se… Continue Reading

April 04, 2006

Crapo Talks Taxes On April 'Capitol Watch'Program

Washington, DC â?? Preparing your federal taxes will be the topic of Idaho Senator Mike Crapoâ??s monthly cable broadcast, â??Capitol Watch.â?? Crapoâ??s April program will feature a guest from the Internal Revenue Service, Public Affairs Specialist Anthony Burke. The program airs statewide on Idaho cable television stations on Tuesday, April 11th, from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. Mountain/6 to 6:30 p.m. Pacific.â??The IRS is using technology to make the filing process more accurate and more efficient,â??… Continue Reading

March 30, 2006

Crapo Votes To Improve National Security Oversight

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo voted to bolster the review process for foreign investments in the United States, including investments in ports. The bill, which was approved by the Senate Banking Committee, seeks to improve the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) process. â??Refining and improving the governmentâ??s review process on foreign investments is necessary to ensure public security and investor confidence. If our security is compromised by any fore… Continue Reading

March 27, 2006

Crapo Says VOCA Dollars Working on the Ground in Idaho

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo announced today that nearly $1 million will be available to Idahoans under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) for victim compensation funds. The funding comes from the Justice Department's Fiscal Year 2006 budget and will be administered by the Idaho Industrial Commission. Crapo has long advocated for continued federal funding for crime victims, who are often compensated through the fund paid in part by perpetrators of crime.â??Violent crimes like chi… Continue Reading

March 24, 2006

Crapo: Renewable Energy Deserves Full Funding

Washington, DC â?? A bipartisan coalition of Senators led by Idahoâ??s Mike Crapo and Iowaâ??s Tom Harkin is asking Senate appropriators to ensure programs improving renewable energy production and resulting economic development receive the full funding possible in the coming fiscal year. Crapo and 21 other Senators signing the letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies, note that Section 9006 of the 2002 F… Continue Reading

March 16, 2006

53 Senators Vote to Raid Social Security

Washington, D.C. â?? Today, fifty-three U.S. Senators voted against an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Resolution, introduced by U.S. Senators Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), which would have allowed the Senate to create a reserve fund to protect the Social Security surplus. â??Sadly, fifty-three senators turned their backs on Americaâ??s seniors,â?? Senator DeMint said. â??There is simply no way to save Social Security if we donâ??t have the courage stop using the surplus… Continue Reading

March 16, 2006

DeMint, Crapo Force Vote to Stop the Raid on Social Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. â?? Today, the U.S. Senate is expected to vote on an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Resolution, introduced by U.S. Senators Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), that would allow the Senate to create a reserve fund to protect the Social Security surplus. â??We are about to have a moment of truth in the United States Senate,â?? Senator DeMint said. â??Seniors constantly tell me that if Congress would just stop using the Social Security surplus as a secret slush … Continue Reading

March 16, 2006

Crapo Praises Kempthorne Appointment

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne will make a superior Interior Secretary, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said today in response to the announcement that Kempthorne has been chosen to fill the post recently vacated by current Secretary Gale Norton. â??Dirk is a westerner, a colleague and a friend who sincerely understands western issues,â?? Crapo said. â??We are currently addressing so many important and difficult issues that impact Idaho, and the prospect of working so closely with hi… Continue Reading

March 16, 2006

Noting RECA Success May Help Downwinders

Washington, DC â?? Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and Conrad Burns (R-Montana) are complimenting former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatchâ??s efforts to update the benefits that residents of his state are receiving under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). Hatch, in a news release, outlined the benefits to residents in his state on the 10-year anniversary of their inclusion in the RECA program. The RECA program compensates victims who received fall… Continue Reading

March 14, 2006

Craig, Crapo Celebrate National Safe Place Week

WASHINGTON, D.C. â?? Idaho Senators Larry Craig and Mike Crapo joined together in recognizing the week of March 13th as National Safe Place Week. S. Res. 390, which designated this week National Safe Place Week, passed the Senate unanimously on March 9, with 23 bipartisan cosponsors. â??I am very happy to once again sponsor this legislation that honors Project Safe Place with some well-deserved recognition,â?? Craig said. â??This is a project that continues to expand its reach into new communiti… Continue Reading

March 10, 2006

Crapo Praises Norton's Efforts to Seek Local Answers to Federal Issues

Washington, DC â?? U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton leaves her post as Interior Secretary with a strong track record of cooperation and collaboration with state and local leaders on a number of wildlife management issues and in other areas. Crapo issued the following statement about Norton:â??Secretary Nortonâ??s legacy will be that of true partnership with those at the state and local levels who desired input in issues from land use to wildlife management,â?? Crapo said. â??When Idahoans ask… Continue Reading

March 09, 2006

Bipartisan Language Will Stop BPA Rate Hikes

Washington, DC â?? Customers of Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)-produced electricity will be protected from a projected 10% rate increase under budget language inserted into the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget resolution by Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Patty Murray (D-Washington). The Senate Budget Committee agreed to accept the language in its overall budget blueprint legislation outlining spending priorities for the U.S. Department of Energy.â??BPA power customers in I… Continue Reading

March 09, 2006

Crapo: Port Decision. Border Improvements

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo says Idahoans and all Americans win with todayâ??s decision to further scrutinize who will operate security at U.S. port accompanied by a vote to improve border security provisions in next yearâ??s budget. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, a member of the Senate Budget Committee that approved border improvements today as part of the Fiscal Year 2007 budget resolution, noted the Congress listened to constituents who wanted the port security decision delayed and… Continue Reading

March 08, 2006

Crapo Supports Fiscal Responsibility and Continued Deficit Reduction in Budget Resolution

Washington, DC â?? When the Senate Budget Committee adopts its guidelines for the Fiscal Year 2007 federal budget tomorrow, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo expects several will benefit Idahoans. Crapo, a member of the Budget Committee, said among the areas of interest are:â?¢Funding for 1500 new border patrol agents to increase border security. An increase of $2 billion above the Presidentâ??s request for additional border security infrastructure, communications and equipment improvements.â?¢Eliminatio… Continue Reading

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