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Idaho Senators Earn Top Marks From Conservative Groups

Rank very conservative on watchdog scorecards

Washington, DC - Consistent votes to cut taxes, reduce spending and decrease intrusive federal government regulation have earned Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch top marks from Congressional watchdog groups for 2010.  The American Conservative Union (ACU), National Journal and Heritage Action for America have released reports to showcase who the top conservatives are in Congress, and who truly advances conservatism with their votes.    

Senators Crapo and Risch earned outstanding scores with each group:  both Senators scored 100 percent on the ACU scorecard and 89.7 percent with the National Journal.  Crapo scored an 86 percent by Heritage Action's standards, with Risch scoring 88 percent.   

The ACU tracks issues before Congress to determine which votes serve as a dividing line between those Members of Congress who are consistently conservative and those who are reliably liberal.  The National Journal rates members based on selected roll-call votes from previous years to see how they compare on an ideological scale, and Heritage Action's scorecard covers a full spectrum of conservatism, including legislative action on issues both large and small.

"Throughout my meetings and town hall discussions with Idahoans this summer, I have learned that they want Congress to work together to cut spending, reduce our massive debt and put our country back on a responsible fiscal path.  From debt limit increases to the repeal of Obamacare, the Senate considered legislation critical to Idahoans and the nation as a whole last year.  With each vote in Congress, we need to fight for conservative policies.  These scorecards let constituents easily see which of their representatives are truly voting along conservative principles."

Risch said, "On each and every vote I carefully consider what Idahoans want done on the issue.  These votes are a reflection of Idahoans' desire to reduce federal spending, stop job-stifling regulations and to not raise taxes.  My main focus is to vote how Idahoans want me to vote, and if the scorecards show that is voting conservative, so be it."

For more information on this year's rankings, including the votes used to rank members of congress, please visit ACU, National Journaland Heritage Action.