February 22, 2007


Divine Strake experiment cancelled following public meetings

Washington, DC - Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Larry Craig and Idaho Representatives Mike Simpson and Bill Sali comment on today's announcement by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) that it has cancelled the proposed Divine Strake experiment. The Idaho delegation convinced DTRA to hold public information meetings in Idaho to hear from concerned Idaho citizens, who had expressed reservations about the effects that detonation of explosives in a tunnel at the Nevada Test Site."Today's announcement is welcome news to many Idahoans who have contacted us regarding this proposed test," said the delegation in a joint statement. "While we agree that it is important to ensure that our country's defense capabilities remain sharp, this particular test raised a number of questions. We will continue to work with DTRA and other government agencies to ensure that future test plans are fully reviewed and accessible to the public, and appreciate the agency's efforts to communicate with Idahoans during the public information meeting held on this matter in Idaho last month."# # #