May 06, 2009

Crapo To Hold Statewide Forum

Idahoans can join iTownHall conference call May 13th

Washington, DC - Idahoans can receive the latest news on issues before Congress next week as Senator Mike Crapo holds a statewide iTownHall meeting on Wednesday, May 13th. The technology behind the iTownHall meeting allows Idahoans to join in via telephone from any location in Idaho. Listeners will have an opportunity to ask the Senator about any number of topics regarding federal policies or legislation.

"Joining the townhall discussion is as easy as signing up at my official website, and clicking on the iTownHall logo on the homepage." Crapo said. "I am happy to discuss any issue that is now facing Congress and our country. For example, health care reforms are now being debated in Congress, credit and banking legislation or even the issues related to federal spending is also at the forefront. I always look forward to these robust discussions on a range of issues and the common sense input from Idahoans on these calls."

The call on Wednesday, May 13th will begin at 7:00 p.m. Mountain / 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. To sign up, visit the Multimedia section at Crapo's website, Interested individuals will need to provide contact information for that evening, preferably a landline telephone number.

Audio from the iTownHall as well as a transcript will be posted on Crapo's site after the event.

Crapo has been hosting iTownHall meetings since November of 2007 as an additional tool to communicate with Idahoans during times when the Senate is in session.