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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo Supports Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan

Cites balanced budget requirement

Washington, D.C.   - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said tonight the debt ceiling legislation approved by the U.S. House of Representatives on a 218-210 vote should receive strong consideration by the Senate.  Crapo said the incorporation of a balanced budget amendment in the House bill is key to curbing spending.  The Senate voted 59 to 41to table the House legislation, but the table motion leaves the door open for reconsideration of the bill later.

"Speaker Boehner and House members have worked hard to find consensus on balancing the budget, cutting spending and averting this debt ceiling crisis," Crapo said.  "It is important to note that it is the U.S. House that has passed an operating FY 2012 budget, a balanced budget bill and now the debt ceiling legislation.  The Senate has done none of the above.  A vote for a balanced budget is central to this debate."

Crapo noted the House bill has a number of benefits:

  • Requires the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Congressional Budget Office confirms that spending cuts in the bill exceed the debt limit   hike being requested.
  • Offers $22 billion in deficit reduction in the first year alone.
  • Offers a total of $917 billion in spending reductions over 10 years and caps spending increases.  That figure exceeds the $900 billion hike needed in the debt ceiling.
  • Continues reducing discretionary spending each year compared with the President's budget recommendations.