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Crapo On ISIS Threat, 9-11 Anniversary

Reacts to Presidential address, 13-year anniversary of 9-11 attacks

Washington, D.C.  - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo issued the following statement today regarding President Obama's new Middle East strategy to defeat ISIS, noting the continued threat which struck the U.S. on September 11, 2001:

"Having repeatedly overlooked the warnings and advice of senior officials and military leaders, President Obama has now signaled that he concedes the dangers posed by ISIS.  Going forward, Idahoans and Americans expect a strategy to protect our national security interests, includingpossible threats to our own border security, with clear goals and the tools necessary to succeed.  Unfortunately, the President's plans to date have mismanaged our Middle East strategy and shunned our allies, allowing the scourge of ISIS to take root in Iraq and Syria.  On this anniversary of 9/11, we must remember the loss of so many Idahoans and other Americans who have perished on that dark day in 2001 and in the years since.  We must prevent this from happening again.  The Administration must effectively implement the necessary actions to achieve this goal."

MEDIA NOTE:  Video and audio are available on Crapo's YouTube Channel here. To download the original file, click here: CRAPO_ISIS_091114.mp4