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Crapo Joins Economic Competitiveness Caucus

Caucus seeks to boost American economy in global market

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo hopes a new Senate caucus will improve the competitiveness of American goods and services in the global market. The Senate Economic Competitiveness Caucus will work to take positive actions on behalf of American entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and the tech sector to improve competitiveness and create more job opportunities. Members of the caucus will seek the insight of leaders in the private sector, academia and government for analysis of the challenges that must be addressed, while removing government barriers in the global economy.â??We live in a global economy and it is the responsibility of Congress to ensure its citizens a place to compete in that economy,â?? Crapo, who chairs the Senate Banking Subcommittee on International Trade and Finance, said. â??This Caucus will be a boon to multiple economic sectors in seeking collaborative analysis to fulfill that responsibility. Competing in a global economy is imperative to the economic future and stability of America.â??In carrying out its priorities, the Caucus will:â?¢Develop and support comprehensive energy legislationâ?¢Create and support legislation to improve the availability and benefits of Health Savings Accountsâ?¢Support free trade agreements that tear down barriers to American goods and services while enforcing trade rulesâ?¢Crack down on counterfeiting and theft on American intellectual propertyâ?¢Target improvements to math and science education through all grade levelsâ?¢Enact tax relief, including those on capital gains and on research and development tax creditsâ?¢Provide initiatives for a more rapid domestic deployment of broadband The Caucus was formed by Senator George Allen (R-Virginia), and presently has six members.