February 17, 2011

Crapo, Colleagues Move to Block Internet Regulation Power Grab

New FCC rules could affect how Americans access the web

Washington, D.C. - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must be stopped in trying to implement rulemaking that could affect Americans' access to the Internet and stifle innovations that have made the Internet a world-wide base for information and technology. That is the message being sent by a Senate Resolution introduced by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and 38 of his colleagues concerning the so-called "net neutrality" regulations recently approved by the FCC. This action followed similar previous FCC efforts to regulate the Internet, which were overturned in federal court on the grounds that the FCC does not have the statutory authority to regulate an Internet service provider's network management practices.

"It is hard to view these regulations as anything other than unwarranted government power grab," Crapo said. "The courts have already ruled against such regulation, and these unneeded rules will serve only to hamper the innovation in Internet technology and potentially damage the access of Americans who use the Internet on a daily basis."

The Senate Resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act seeks expedited action to block the FCC's implementation of the proposed rules. Concerns with the regulation range from government manipulation of how video sources are utilized to how access to the Internet is regulated.