March 16, 2011

Crapo: Anniversary Marks Prescription for Deficits, Higher Costs

Senators note failures of Health Care Reform one year later

Washington, DC - One year after the backroom deal that resulted in the passage of the health care reform law, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo says the results are apparent-higher premiums for consumers and business owners, billions in new taxes, special exemptions from the plan for certain groups, and more than 250 new initiatives in the IRS budget for enforcing the new law.

 "Families are facing premium increases of more than $2,000, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and health costs are increasing by $311 billion," Crapo said.  "The Secretary of Health and Human Services admits portions of the program are unsustainable.  HHS has already exempted more than a thousand businesses and other groups from the program because they are facing higher costs and premiums.  This is not the health care reform Idahoans and Americans wanted."

Crapo called the law a "phenomenal hit" on the economy that is forcing businesses to re-examine health coverage for workers because of these high costs.  "Premiums are up, benefits are down, taxes and regulations are up.  Businesses have to retrench in the face of rising premium costs and have to re-think any hiring decisions when they face the thousands of dollar increases in premiums and the more than $50 billion in employer mandates in this bill.  CBO says this policy will cost us 800,000 jobs at a time when our economy is struggling."

Audio of Senator Crapo's remarks from today's news conference on Capitol Hill is available here: