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Craig, Crapo express concerns over continued delay in cleanup contract award

WASHINGTON, D.C. â?? Because of their concerns about the delay of the award of the cleanup contract for the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Senators Larry Craig and Mike Crapo met with Secretary of Energy Bodman to express their concerns and accelerate the process. Craig and Crapo presented a unified voice, â??This contract is essential to a smooth transition at the Idaho National Laboratory. The employees, bidders, and neighbors of the INL deserve a quick resolution of this problem.â?? Secretary Bodman assured the Senators that resolving this was a top priority at DOE. They are working throughout the weekend to resolve it, and a decision will be made as soon as humanly possible. He further emphasized that they were not legally allowed to release the details of the problem that arose, but reiterated it was related to internal and proprietary issues. Craig and Crapo continued, â??We underscored the urgency and importance of this matter to Idaho and expressed our disappointment with yet another delay. Our patience and understanding is not limitless.â?? NOTE: To link directly to this release, please use the following address: [30]