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U.S. National Debt:
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  • August 01, 2007


    First and foremost, I applaud the heroism and bravery of firefighters everywhere.  These amazing individuals willingly risk life and limb to protect life, land and property. ... Continue Reading
  • July 25, 2007


    Idaho is on fire from the Panhandle to the Nevada border, endangering property, wildlife, timber and people.   As of July 25, 14 large wildland fires were burning in Idaho,... Continue Reading
  • A 67-year federal project came to a triumphant close in June.   Our nation's majestic symbol, the Bald Eagle, was officially removed from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) list... Continue Reading
  • Pioneers come in all shapes and sizes.   Our ancestors went west to find a better life and, for many of them, particularly the earliest explorers, they were motivated by that... Continue Reading
  • While not everyone knows for certain the circumstances of their ancestors coming to this country, most can say with certainty that these brave men and women found an... Continue Reading
  • "A sense of Idaho's past will help the present generation understand better the kind of state that evolved in recent years when the modern metropolis intersected with a... Continue Reading
  • Energy is on our minds-with gasoline prices still high, "pain at the pump" is something we all relate to.   Understandably, "it's complicated," is a frustrating response to... Continue Reading
  • "YT?   TOY" "Hi" "Q.   Can we MIRL? "IDK…" "RUOK? … I think ILU" "P911!" "OK…B4N"   Even ten years ago, deciphering the language that children and teens used came down... Continue Reading
  • When it comes to electric power rates, Idaho and the entire Northwest are in an enviable position. Idaho had the lowest average power rates last year of any state in the... Continue Reading
  • June 06, 2007


    On June 14, 1914, Franklin Lane, then Interior Secretary, delivered an address entitled "The Flag Maker," in honor of Flag Day.   Lane relayed a "conversation" that he had... Continue Reading
  • "Market forces are already at work moving jobs to countries with less costly, often better educated, highly motivated work forces and more friendly tax... Continue Reading
  • FOR RELEASE CONTACT: Susan Wheeler (202) 224-5150Week of May 27, 2007 Laura Thurston Goodroe (202) 224-7500A COST BEYOND MEASUREGuest opinion submitted by Idaho Senator Mike... Continue Reading
  • LOCAL CONTROL BENEFITS IDAHO'S KIDSGuest opinion submitted by Idaho Senator Mike CrapoAs a parent, it never ceases to amaze me how different my children are. They have... Continue Reading
  • May has been a tragic month for Idaho law enforcement. On May 3, Caldwell lost Stacey Heim, a promising young police officer and mother of two had been with the Caldwell... Continue Reading
  • Perhaps the most important responsibility of the federal government under our Constitution is national defense. When that responsibility requires that we commit troops to war,... Continue Reading
  • Spring is a busy time for many of us. In Congress, spring means another season of appropriations. As Congress makes federal agency funding decisions for the next fiscal year,... Continue Reading
  • April 11, 2007


    Many have heard about the disparaging remarks made recently by a national talk radio host about a university women's basketball team. From the media to Capitol Hill to... Continue Reading
  • April 04, 2007


    In 2005, the average personal savings rate of Americans dropped into negative numbers, to minus .5 percent; in 2006, that doubled to minus 1 percent. The last time that the... Continue Reading
  • All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure. -Mark TwainLast week, Mark Twain's words rang true in Congress. The confidence with which the... Continue Reading
  • Recent fluctuations in the subprime mortgage lending industry, stemming, in part, from a rise in foreclosures nationwide, made news headlines over the past few weeks.... Continue Reading