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U.S. National Debt:

Unified Focus To Benefit Idaho

Guest column submitted by the Idaho Congressional Delegation: Senator Mike Crapo, Senator Jim Risch, Congressman Mike Simpson and Congressman-elect Raul Labrador

Idahoans, like many Americans, have clearly indicated that the current levels of unemployment, out-of-control federal spending and ever-increasing national debt are unacceptable. The public demand for congressional focus on these important issues is unmistakable. Idahoans are standing up and engaging in issues in new and inspiring ways. This increased involvement is encouraging as we, your elected delegation, face those challenges with an emboldened and unified voice in Washington.

We share the concerns about federal spending, the national debt and the need to spur the creation of lasting jobs and join with all Idahoans committed to address them and other matters of importance. As we take office in the 112th Congress, we recognize it will take our collective effort to guide our nation on the appropriate path to ensure job creation, an improved economy and a more competitive America. We look forward to working together with Governor Otter and other elected leaders throughout the state and Congress to advance Idaho's ideals and promote policy helpful to our families, communities and state.

Listening to the call of the American people for a focus on the economy, including reductions in the federal deficit and pro-growth policies to facilitate job creation, the Senate Minority and the new House Majority leadership have identified priorities essential to progress: cutting federal spending; reducing the national debt; shrinking the size and scope of the federal government; promoting private sector job creation; and reforming the way Congress does its work. The federal government should encourage and not cast a shadow over small business growth and local decision-making. Small businesses create most new jobs and the best solutions for local concerns are often found in our communities, not through heavy-handed, federal mandates. Creating a smaller, less costly and more responsible federal government is an objective worthy of pursuit.

The goals are challenging, yet attainable, especially with the input and insight of Idahoans. Local, active engagement has been and will continue to be helpful and effective. We must make the most of our opportunities to make positive advancements. As a delegation, we are dedicated to working collaboratively to obtain results. Recognizing the great honor we have to serve the people of Idaho in Congress, we will continue to pursue every opportunity to uphold Idaho's tradition of hard work, individualism, resourcefulness, openness and devotion to family and the strength of our country. As we work together in the coming Congress, these ideals will help set the best course for this great nation.

You may access each delegation member's website through the following links:;;; and (active January 5, 2010).

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