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March 06, 2015

Crapo Sets Rexburg and Bellevue Town Meetings

Rexburg - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will meet with Idahoans at town meetings in Rexburg and Bellevue on Friday, March 13 th and Saturday, March 14 th.  Crapo is continuing his series of town meetings across Idaho, where he is discussing the federal debt, government overreach and answering questions from Idahoans.  During the meetings with Idahoans, Crapo has used presentation materials to help illustrate the growing danger of the national debt now in excess of $18 trillion.  He notes that, lef… Continue Reading

March 04, 2015

Crapo Wants Review Of Any Iran Arms Deal

Washington, D.C.  - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has co-sponsored bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) that requires congressional review of any forthcoming nuclear proliferation agreement with Iran.  Co-sponsors of the legislation include Idaho Senator Jim Risch and Senators Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire), Joe Donnelly (D-Indiana), Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota), Tim Kaine (D-Virginia), John McCain (R-Arizona),  Robert Menendez (D… Continue Reading

February 27, 2015


Washington, DC - Today's U.S. Senate votes on funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mean that Idaho Senator Mike Crapo must cancel planned town meetings in Hauser and Dalton Gardens that were scheduled today.  Crapo is voting against a DHS spending plan because of President Obama's executive orders regarding immigration reform. Saturday's meetings remain scheduled unless Senate business runs late in the day Friday.  The town meetings were set before the Senate schedule changed. Her… Continue Reading

February 27, 2015

Crapo: Congress Must Use 'Power of the Purse' To Stop Executive Amnesty

Washington, D.C.-Idaho Senator Mike Crapo released the following statement after voting against final passage of H.R. 240, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations Act of 2015, which was ultimately stripped of provisions to stop the President's executive action on immigration: "No one should gain any advantage or benefit toward citizenship or legal permanent resident status because of illegal entry into the United States," said Crapo.  "The President's reckless executive action … Continue Reading

February 26, 2015

Crapo Backs Trafficking Bill Affecting Women and Children

Washington, D.C.  - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, who last session led efforts to renew the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), used today's 20 th anniversary of VAWA's original enactment to announce his support for the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act making its way through the U.S. Senate.  The bill had an initial hearing this week.  Crapo and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) were lead sponsors of last year's VAWA legislation which also contained language aimed at combating trafficking.   … Continue Reading

February 26, 2015

Crapo Plans Latah, Clearwater Town Meetings

Moscow - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will meet with Idahoans at town meetings in Latah and Clearwater Counties on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7 th.  Crapo is continuing his many town meetings across Idaho, where he is discussing the federal debt, government overreach and other issues.   As a part of his visits with Idahoans throughout the state, Crapo has used presentation materials to help illustrate the growing danger of the national debt now in excess of $18 trillion.  He notes that,… Continue Reading

February 25, 2015

Crapo Calls on Defense Secretary to Halt Back-Door Divestment of the A-10

Washington, D.C.-Idaho Senator Mike Crapo today joined Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire) and six other colleagues to send a letter to U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter following the U.S. Air Force's efforts to place 18 A-10 Thunderbolts on backup aircraft inventory (BAI) status.  The senators are concerned the move will negatively impact the readiness of the A-10 fleet and request Secretary Carter reconsider this effort as well as the Air Force's broader efforts to divest the A-10. "… Continue Reading

February 24, 2015

Crapo Plans North Idaho Town Meetings

Coeur d'Alene - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will visit north Idaho this week for a continuation of his series of town meetings.  The local listening sessions come as the senator also plans another statewide town meeting via the telephone tomorrow night.  The tele-town meeting begins at 7:00 PM Mountain Time/6:00 PM Pacific Time.  To participate in Crapo's tele-town meeting Wednesday evening, Idahoans must sign up in advance on Crapo's website at As… Continue Reading

February 23, 2015

Crapo Leads Coalition of 52 Senators to Object to Additional Cuts to Medicare Advantage

Washington, D.C.-Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, a senior member of the Senate Finance Committeeis leading a bipartisan group of 52 senators in calling on the Administration to refrain from making additional harmful cuts to the successful, market-based Medicare Advantage (MA) program in 2016.  On top of the new reductionsproposed late Friday, the program faces over $200 billion in cuts in the coming years as a result of Obamacare.  More than 16 million seniors and individuals with disabilities, includ… Continue Reading

February 19, 2015

Crapo Encourages Idaho Students To Apply for Senate Internship Program

Washington, D.C. -The deadline is rapidly approaching for Idaho's students to apply for internship opportunities in U.S. Senator Mike Crapo's Washington, D.C., office, or one of his six regional offices throughout Idaho. Students have until March 1 to submit an application to be considered for an internship position for both the summer and fall semesters. The internship experience provides Idaho students a unique opportunity to learn about Congress and the legislative process firsthand.  Intern… Continue Reading

February 18, 2015

Crapo, Risch: SCRAP Act Will Defund Costly FDA Regulations

Washington, D.C. -- In a continued effort to prevent costly new regulatory burdens from being imposed on Idaho farmers, Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch today introduced the SCRAP Act, or Stopping Costly Regulations Against Produce, in the U.S. Senate.  This legislation would defund the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) proposed fresh produce rule that will negatively impact farmers throughout the country.    On January 4, 2013, the FDA issued a proposed rule for growing, harvesting, packi… Continue Reading

February 12, 2015

Crapo, Risch, Wyden Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Renew Safety Net For Rural Counties

Washington, D.C.- Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Jim Risch (R-Idaho) and Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) today introduced a bipartisan bill to renew the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) program, which supports schools, law-enforcement and roads in more than 700 rural counties across the country.  The legislation also addresses additional payments to counties under the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program.    "While we continue to work on multiple ways to improve the economy of our rural counties that have … Continue Reading

February 11, 2015

Crapo Will Hold First Statewide Tele-Townhall of 2015 in Late February

  Washington, D.C. - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will host his first tele-townhall meeting of 2015 later this month and is encouraging Idahoans to participate.  During the hour-long call, Crapo will take questions from Idahoans on a variety of topics currently being debated in Congress, including new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency efforts to increase federal control over state waters, federal education mandates, the economy and the President's strategy to defeat ISIS.  The teleforum will take… Continue Reading

February 06, 2015

Crapo Statement on Air Force Plans to Retire the A-10

Washington, D.C. -Idaho Senator Mike Crapo issued the following statement in reaction to the Air Force's announcement today that it will renew efforts to seek the divestment of the A-10 Thunderbolt II as a part of the force structure changes contained in the President's FY 2016 budget proposal: "The Air Force's continued efforts to divest the A-10 are unacceptable," said Crapo.  "I am dismayed by the little regard the Air Force has shown for how this decision will impact the … Continue Reading

February 05, 2015

Crapo Introduces Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Legislation

Washington, D.C. -Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is working to ensure farmers and ranchers have access to modern and safe water infrastructure.  Senators Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) and Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) joined Crapo today to introduce the Water and Agriculture Tax Reform (WATER) Act, which seeks to reform outdated tax provisions that hinder investment in important infrastructure advances. The bill would revise restrictions placed on mutual ditch and irrigation companies' ability to raise cap… Continue Reading

February 05, 2015

Bipartisan Group of Senators Reintroduce the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

Washington, D.C.- U.S. Senator Mike Crapo led a bipartisan group of senators this week in renewing their efforts to expand restitution for victims of radiation exposure related to U.S. nuclear arms testing in the 1950s and 1960s.  As a part of that effort, Crapo introduced S. 331, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA), which seeks to expand RECA eligibility to affected individuals in Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexicoand Utah.  Since its creation in 1990, RECA was de… Continue Reading

February 03, 2015

Crapo Office Travels to McCall

Boise - To better assist Idahoans with questions and issues concerning federal agencies and policies, a member of Idaho Senator Mike Crapo's office  is traveling to Valley County later this month.     Crapo Regional Director Bryan Ricker can assist Idahoans with any questions or problems related to federal agencies or with problems regarding federal programs.  Crapo Remote Office Hours schedule: Wednesday, February 25: McCall          McCall Fire Station, 20… Continue Reading

February 03, 2015

Crapo Renews Effort to Repeal Obamacare In New Congress

Washington, D.C.-Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, a long-time critic of the President's health care law, has joined a coalition of senators led by Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to introduce legislation to fully repeal Obamacare, officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and released the following statement: "Millions of Americans, including thousands of Idahoans, have been pushed from their health insurance plans and preferred doctors by this Administration's signature piece of legislat… Continue Reading

February 02, 2015

Crapo: The President's Budget Never Balances--Ever

Washington, D.C. - Following the arrival of President Obama's Fiscal Year 2016 budget request to Capitol Hill this morning, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, a senior member of the Senate Budget Committee, said the proposal ignores the most critical issue facing the country, the $18 trillion-and growing-national debt.  The President's newly-released budget outlines a $2.4 trillion spending increase, a $2.1 trillion tax increase and adds $8.5 trillion to the national debt with gross debt climbing to $26.… Continue Reading

January 29, 2015

Crapo, Risch Praise Passage of Keystone Pipeline Bill

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo today joined a bipartisan majority of their Senate colleagues to support the long-delayed Keystone XL Pipeline project. "The Keystone Pipeline will create thousands of jobs and invest billions of dollars in the economy," said Risch. "I have fought for years to get this project approved and am glad that the Senate has finally been able to take action, ending this inexcusable delay of private investment in our economy. This pipeline is the… Continue Reading

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