June 01, 2017

Veterans, PTSD Issues Raised at Twin Falls Event

Crapo signs pledge to begin month-long discussion on PTSD

Twin Falls – June is National Awareness Month for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is using the designation to kick off a month-long discussion and information outreach regarding health issues facing veterans.  Crapo just last week introduced federal legislation to streamline the way veterans can utilize both the Veterans Administration and private sector doctors for care.  Now, Crapo is building on legislative efforts to get information about treatment out directly to veterans who may have suffered from PTSD following combat experience. Information will also be available for members of the National Guard and Air Force personnel stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base. 

Crapo will head a panel of local experts tomorrow, Friday, in Twin Falls, to share information and renewing commitments to ensure veterans with PTSD receive the treatment they deserve.  Most of the speakers have extensive experience in the study and treatment of PTSD.  The event is open to the public beginning at 2:30 PM at the Twin Falls Armory. 

PTSD Awareness and Information Event: 

Friday, June 2, 2017
2:30 PM
Twin Falls Armory, 1069 Frontier Road
Twin Falls 

Among those speaking: 

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo
Dr. Mandi Deitz, PTSD Clinical Team Leader, Boise VA Medical Center
Dan Ashley, Veteran Outreach Specialist, Boise Vet Center
Dr. Melissa Kremer, PTSD Psychologist, Boise VA Medical Center Health
Major Doug Uphoff, State Family Programs Director, Idaho Army National Guard
Captain Ashley Ertel, Mental Health Specialist, Mountain Home Air Force Base

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