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Smeed Honored in Congressional Statement

Crapo notes Caldwell leader's love for country and commitment to freedom

Washington, D.C. - The accomplishments of lifelong Idaho resident Ralph Smeed are being recognized before the United States Senate. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has submitted a Congressional Record Statement honoring Smeed's commitment to preserving freedom, his strong business and work ethic and political advocacy. The Congressional Record Statement honoring Smeed, who passed away last week, reads as follows:

Mr. CRAPO: Mr./Madam President, I rise today to honor the life of Ralph Smeed, who will be remembered affectionately for his great love for this country.

Ralph had many accomplishments throughout his life. Born into a pioneer family in southwestern Idaho in 1921, Ralph embodied strength, perseverance and devotion. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II, attended the University of Idaho, and was a successful and able businessman who ran his family's ranching operation after Ralph's father passed away. Ralph was also a dynamic thinker, debater and writer, who contributed significantly to state and national political discussions, co-founded the Center for the Study of Market Alternatives, served on the board of the Foundation for Economic Education, and was a long-time newspaper columnist. Ralph had a unique and powerful way of communicating his ideas, and his presence in Idaho political discourse will be greatly missed. One could not ignore Ralph's electronic reader board that gave passersby food for thought. Understandably, Ralph has been honored for his strong commitment to free market ideals, liberty and his defense of the principles of freedom.

Ralph will continue to be recognized for his numerous accomplishments, but it is his example of conviction that will be most remembered. Ralph had strong principles and held true to his values. He thought deeply, understood the value of listening albeit many times with great restraint, and delivered his points with passion and humor. Ralph could not be rightly accused of caring too little. He did not sit on the sidelines. Ralph embraced the dialogue and tackled the tough issues. He was always engaged and challenged others. Ralph's interjection of free-thinking, strong, libertarian views shaped discussions and opinions. He added flavor and insight from his many years of experience, discussion and contemplation. He sought to protect individual liberties and contributed substantially to conservative knowledge.

Ralph was a spirited, dedicated, witty, generous, sincere individual and true patriot. Ralph touched and enriched the lives of all those he met, and I am grateful to have known him. There is no doubt there will be a significant void left by Ralph's passing. As we honor Ralph Smeed's life, and extend thoughts and prayers to Ralph's family, friends and loved ones for this great loss, Ralph's individuality and dedication will not be forgotten. Ralph was a true thought provoker who was devoted to the promotion of liberty and encouraging others to work for liberty. Ralph Smeed will be greatly missed.