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Crapo seeks bigger share for Idaho

Washington, DC â?? Funds for salmon recovery, advocated for by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, are part of the Senate Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Subcommittee bill completed Tuesday, sending a strong message of support for President George Bushâ??s commitment to salmon recovery. The Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund is due to receive $4.5 million in funding that will be used for recovering threatened and endangered salmon in the Pacific Northwest, including parts of Idaho. â??It is essential that we preserve our natural resources and protect the reproduction of our Salmon population in Idaho and throughout the Pacific Northwest,â?? said Crapo, who is a recognized leader in regional salmon recovery efforts. â??The Fund is necessary for turning salmon recovery from conflict to conservation. Idaho contributes more than half of the prime spawning habitat for Chinook salmon in the West. Money allocated for recovery efforts should conform to Idahoâ??s large contribution of spawning habitat to the Columbia River.â?? The Fund was created in 2000, but Idaho was not eligible for funding until last year when Crapo pushed to amend the rules for the fund. The bill that includes this funding will now go to the full Appropriations Committee for consideration.