May 10, 2006

PSA Reminds Seniors About Medicare Deadline

Senator Crapo offers announcement for Idaho seniors

Washington, DC â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo is teaming with Idaho radio stations to remind seniors that the deadline for signing up for the Medicare Part D prescription drug program is May 15th. Crapoâ??s recorded public service announcement is available by logging on to the Senate Republican Conference website at The PSA can also be accessed via the telephone at 1-800-545-1267, then entering the code 327. It runs :45 in total.â??Under this new coverage, Idahoâ??s Medicare beneficiaries will have access to more affordable prescription drugs,â?? Crapo said in the PSA. He also explains signing up for the program requires three simple steps: getting prescriptions together, getting your Medicare card handy, and then calling 1-800-MEDICAre or going online to