February 04, 2005

Project Search Funds Celebrated In Glenns Ferry Water Event

Washington, DC â?? A pilot project to help fund projects in smaller communities will be on display tomorrow when officials in Glenns Ferry dedicate a new water treatment plant. Glenns Ferry residents have had to take precautions with their drinking water for nearly five years while they await completion of a new water plant. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo worked with Idahoâ??s Region IV Development office to make about $55,000 available to Glenns Ferryâ??s water project as part of Crapoâ??s Project SEARCH funding. The pilot program for grant assistance called SEARCH stands for Special Environmental Assistance for the Regulation of Communities and Habitat and was aimed at helping communities under 2500 people comply with federal standards without having to hire special experts, consultants or attorneys. A total of 21 Idaho communities, including Glenns Ferry, received more than a million dollars under the program. The Project SEARCH funding was initially made available at Crapoâ??s request through the Environmental Protection Agency. Crapo later got the program authorized in the 2002 Farm Bill through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Glenns Ferry water treatment plant is also receiving funding from USDA Rural Development, local taxpayers, the State of Idaho, EPA, and other sources. Tomorrowâ??s ribbon cutting is planned at 11:00 a.m. on the Snake River boat docks. Mayor Glenn Thompson and Governor Dirk Kempthorne will speak. Senator Crapoâ??s office will make available video and pictures of the event. Please contact Lindsay Nothern at (208) 870-1800. # # #