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Major Sex Offender Legislation Passes Senate

Lessons from Groene tragedy learned

WASHINGTON, D.C. â?? Idaho Senator Mike Crapo hailed the Senate passage of long-awaited child predator legislation that will create more stringent national registration requirements for sex offenders and increase penalties for sex crimes against children. The bill allows law enforcement to share information across state lines and provides more tools for active enforcement of child sex offender laws. â??The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act is crucial for the protection of Idahoâ??s children,â?? said Crapo. â??More stringent national registration requirements for sex offenders, especially violent sex offenders, will reduce the likelihood that the terrible events of last summer in North Idaho could ever be repeated. Sharing this information across state lines provides a strong network that can be cross-referenced by law enforcement and parents as communities nationwide work together to ensure the safety of all children.â?? The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act integrates the provisions of Meganâ??s Law and the Pam Lychner Act into the Jacob Wetterling Act. It requires a sex offender to register or update the registry in person annually or once every six months for Tier I or Tier II offenders. Violent predators, or Tier III offenders, must register once every three months. Penalties for failure to register are increased and penalties are increased for sexual and violent crimes against children. The Attorney General is required to gather sex offender information from every state and tribal government and release it to the public every three months. Personal tracking devices are included as a pilot program. There are also provisions in the bill that will help counteract the surge in child pornography that has happened in recent years on the Internet. The bill will go to the House of Representatives for likely passage next week. Summary of Key Provisions (PDF 25kb, 2 pages)