January 28, 2005

Idaho To Receive Salmon Funding

Efforts for Idaho to share in Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund pay off

Washington, DC - Idaho Senators Mike Crapo and Larry Craig and Representatives Mike Simpson and C.L. â??Butchâ?? Otter announced today that Idaho is now included for funding under the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund. The $5 million is included in the 2004 funding bill signed by President Bush last Friday. The delegation also announced today the Bush Administration intends to increase this fund for the coming budget year of 2005. If Congress approves the increase for future years, it will support Idahoâ??s chances for continued eligibility. The Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund was established in 2000 for Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska.Crapo, Chairman of the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Water Subcommittee of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said efforts to include Idaho have been underway for years, and will further benefit projects ranging from tribal hatcheries to stream diversions along tributaries of the Salmon River. â??Money from this fund has improved habitat in the lower Columbia River, but ignored the headwaters in Idaho where about one half of all spawning and rearing occurs. Now we have fixed that oversight and I welcome todayâ??s vote of confidence from the Bush Administration. Idahoans have been funding salmon recovery through their power bills for decades now. National funding is only right since the ESA has made restoring salmon runs a national priority.â??Craig, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said, â??The Presidentâ??s announcement today further underscores his commitment to recover Pacific Northwest salmon while preserving the infrastructure our way of life depends on. He has strong allies in Congress who share his resolve and will fight to see that this increased funding is enacted-myself included-as this additional funding is important for our federal, state, and tribal partners to have a more efficient and effective program.â??"If you're an Idahoan and you support Salmon recovery, the last few days have been filled with good news," said Simpson. "Last week, Congress stepped up to the plate by finalizing $5 million for Idaho's participation in the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery fund. This week, the Bush Administration is announcing millions more for the recovery fund and has acknowledged Idaho's rightful role in this important program. This is tremendous progress for our state and its efforts towards salmon recovery."â??Weâ??re moving in the right direction, and this additional funding will help maintain that momentum,â?? Otter said. â??Salmon runs are increasing. State, tribal, and local initiatives in Idaho are getting the chance to make a real difference. Iâ??m pleased that decisions are now being made based on the experience and expertise of people most directly impacted by recovery efforts, and those whose lifestyles and livelihoods most directly depend on restoring the runs.â??Senior officials in the Bush Administration are seeking to increase the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund by $10 million in FY 2005 to $100 million. The fund provides grants to states and tribes to assist state, tribal, and local salmon conservation efforts.# # #