November 28, 2007


Emmett woman makes scarves for those spending holidays at Walter Reed

Boise - A special delivery to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo's Boise office this morning will bring a wonderful Christmas gift to hospitalized servicemen and women. Audrey Bowers, Emmett, with a little help from her husband, Jim, brought 37 handmade scarves to Crapo's office for delivery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Bowers has been knitting the scarves since August so that members of the U.S. military have something to cherish for Christmas this year. Bowers, whose son has served a tour of duty in Iraq, said she got the idea to make the scarves after reading in the American Legion's magazine that there was a "need for Walter Reed."

"I decided this is something I can do to help," Bowers said. "So, I started around the middle of August, crocheting and using up leftover yarn. Then I started buying yarn and I've got more yarn to do more. I work full-time and so I worked on the scarves in the evening. I crocheted in the car and whenever."

"I am pleased to be able to help Audrey's scarves make it to our servicemen and women who will be spending the holidays in the hospital," Crapo said. "Her selfless effort and industry are commendable, and truly exhibit a compassion and energy that speaks well of her, her community, and the state of Idaho."

Each of the scarves has a note attached that reads: "Every stitch is made with love and support for your courage, bravery and commitment. May this scarf give you the warmth that you have given me in my heart." Then follows a hand-written note on each of the 37 scarves saying where they are from: "Mom of an American Soldier." Crapo's Boise staff is coordinating with his D.C. staff to ensure delivery of the scarves to Walter Reed by Christmas.