April 19, 2005


Senator addresses Andrus Center conference Wednesday

Washington, DC â?? In a live satellite feed to the Andrus Centerâ??s â??Troubled Waterâ?? conference, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will tell attendees that local, collaborative solutions are critical to the success of Idaho and Western states in maintaining local control of water rights. Crapo is slated to speak to the â??Troubled Water: Exploring Solutions to the Westâ??s Water Crisisâ?? conference at Boise State University at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. Crapo says Idaho history contains several negotiated agreements including several regarding water. His message is that for any solution to water problems to pass Congress, it must be crafted and supported locally. Further, Crapo says that other examples of collaboration he has been involved with, including the Owyhee Initiative, Elk Collaborative, and work to improve the Endangered Species Act, demonstrate the power of collaborative efforts. Crapoâ??s remarks are available via satellite Wednesday, April 20th 9:00â??9:30 a.m. Mountain Time / 8:00â??8:30 a.m. Pacific Galaxy 3 (C-Band)7 HorizontalDownlink 3840Standard audio