September 30, 2013

Crapo Votes To Delay Obamacare One Year

The health care law continues to prove itself unworkable; Idahoans deserve exemption

Washington, D.C. - Today, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo voted to protect a provision in the government funding continuing resolution (CR) that would fully delay Obamacare for one year.  Over the weekend, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a CR with an amendment delaying Obamacare for one year and repealing the medical device tax, which a majority of Senators and Representatives have previously voted to remove.  Crapo commended the House for including the delay and called on the Majority Leader to follow the House's lead on this important issue.

"Idahoans and Americans across the country are confused and concerned about the implementation of Obamcare," Crapo said.  "My colleagues in the House have listened to the American people and passed a much-needed one-year delay.  The administration continues to pick and choose who is exempt from the law, offering an exemption for businesses while excluding individuals and families.  Idahoans are already seeing decreases in full-time employment, drops in coverage and increases in premiums.  Until there is clear guidance on how the law will be implemented, delaying it for individuals, as well as businesses, is the reasonable solution. This CR would have avoided the impending threat of a government shutdown while providing reassurance to Idahoans and all Americans regarding the implementation of Obamacare."

Crapo added, "Repeal of the medical device tax has overwhelming bipartisan support.  Placing a tax on life-saving devices, thus preventing access for Americans who need them most, is irresponsible.   Additionally, the tax places a great burden on new innovation and development of potential lifesaving technologies."

Last Friday, the U.S. Senate passed a Continuing Resolution to fund the government through November 15.  Early Sunday morning, the House amended that CR with a one-year delay and a repeal of the Medical Device tax in Obamacare.  Today, the majority leader moved to strike the amendments passed by the House, and was successful with a simple majority vote of 54-46.  The bill now goes back to the House.