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March letter helps prevent diversion of funds for other purposes

CRAPO: VOCA FUNDS REMAIN INTACT FOR CRIME VICTIMSMarch letter helps prevent diversion of funds for other purposes Washington, DC â?? A Senate subcommittee today protected the special designation of a crime victims fund by rejecting an Administration proposal to place the dedicated funding into general revenue. Idaho Senator Mike Crapo applauded the decision today by the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science to retain the Crime Victims Fund. In March, Crapo and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), along with 27 other Senators, sent a letter to the subcommittee, requesting that the Crime Victims Fund not be rescinded and be allowed to remain intact.â??This is a significant step in protecting victims and victimsâ?? services,â?? said Crapo. â??The Crime Victims Fund was set up using money collected from fines and forfeitures resulting from federal crime. Idahoâ??s crime victim assistance programs receive significant financial support from these funds, as do many other statesâ?? programs. These are not taxpayer dollars; rather, they are the compensation paid by criminals rightfully returned to those who have been victimized. It is only appropriate that the funds remain for the purpose for which they were intended. I have heard from Idaho domestic violence prevention groups and others who have been very concerned about the possible loss of funding. It is with great relief that I have welcomed todayâ??s subcommittee action. I will continue to push to make sure the diversion of funds does not happen.â??The House has already rejected the Administrationâ??s proposal to move the funds into the general fund. Crapo has worked closely with the committee to ensure that the funds remained available for crime victims and services directed to helping them. The Senate Appropriations Committee will take up the legislation on Thursday before reporting it to the full Senate for action.