August 09, 2007


Boise - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will join 18 4th-8th graders from throughout Idaho as they speak with NASA Teacher in Space Astronaut Barbara Morgan at Boise's Discovery Center of Idaho next Tuesday, August 14th, 2007, via downlink. Crapo long worked with NASA to promote Morgan's space shuttle mission, which began yesterday with a successful launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Over 40 students ranging from 4th to 8th grade were nominated by their science teachers to take part in the event. The Idaho Science Teachers Association made the final selection of the 18 students taking part in Tuesday's event. The panel of students is from all over Idaho, from towns including Viola in the north to Ririe in the east, as well as Boise.

Crapo, who has initiated a math and science scholarship for Idaho students, said, "As the son of a teacher, I learned at an early age to appreciate the importance of education," Crapo said. "The Discovery Center of Idaho's mission to teach science and math at an interactive level is a perfect partner with NASA's Teacher in Space Program and I am excited that our efforts on Barbara's behalf are being realized in this history-making mission."

**Note time change on the Shuttle downlink, which is subject to change.**

Tuesday, August 14th:
Noon Boise Joins students at the Discovery Center of Idaho to speak via radio transmission with former McCall teacher and NASA Teacher in Space Astronaut Barbara Morgan. At the Discovery Center of Idaho, 131 West Myrtle Street.

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