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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo to Host iTownhall Meeting on May 23

Encourages Idahoans to join discussion on budget and economy

Washington, D.C. - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will host a statewide telephone iTownhall meeting on Wednesday, May 23, to listen to comments and concerns and answer questions from Idahoans.   A wide range of topics is expected to be discussed, but the focus of the iTownhall will be the budget deficit and economy. 

"It has been more than three years since the United States Senate has submitted a budget-a record since Congress adopted budget process reforms in 1974," said Crapo.  "The nation's dire economic situation requires a blueprint for spending, and without a budget we are sent further down our debt spiral.  This forum provides Idahoans the opportunity to participate in a conversation about what is important to them, their families and communities, and the country's fiscal situation is something that affects us all."

Participants are invited to join Crapo in this meeting next Wednesday, May 23, at 6:55 p.m. Mountain Time/5:55 p.m. Pacific.  To sign up for the iTownhall meeting, please visit Senator Crapo's website,, and click on the iTownhall icon.  You will be directed to send an e-mail request with your contact information.  In order to ensure your participation, you need to sign up before Monday, May 21 st.

To participate in the meeting, all you need is a telephone.  Participation is voluntary, and listeners are given an opportunity to ask the Senator about topics regarding federal policies or legislation.  Those who have signed up will receive an automated phone call just before the iTownhall forum begins and will be instructed on how to participate.

Following the call, an audio file (MP3) of the full call will be posted on the website.  A transcript will be posted at a later date.