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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo To Hold Statewide Tele-Townhall Meeting

Syria and the debt crisis are sure to be part of the September 18 discussion

Washington, D.C. - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, who just returned to Washington, D.C., after traveling the state visiting with constituents, will hold his third tele-townhall of 2013 this coming Wednesday, September 18, beginning at 7:00 PM Mountain Time / 6:00 PM Pacific Time. Crapo invites all Idahoans to join him to discuss the many issues facing the nation.  Crapo will take questions and offer insights on items Congress must deal with this fall-including potential American military intervention in Syria. 

"During the month of August, I was able to engage with Idahoans on many issues," said Crapo.  "Since those travels, a great deal has developed in the foreign policy arena, with regard to Syria. Moreover, on the domestic front, the October 1 deadline for Congress to take action on the soon expiring continuing resolution (CR) and the farm bill is rapidly approaching.  Meanwhile, October 1 is also the date many parts of Obamacare are set to take effect.  And, we cannot forget the request from the Treasury Department to raise the nation's debt ceiling by mid-October.  I look forward to continuing the conversation with Idahoans and building on ideas I was given in places like Bonners Ferry, Lewiston, and Garden City, to name a few." 

To sign up, please visit Crapo's official website,, and click on the tele-townhall icon on the right side of the homepage under the Action Center. This link will direct users to the townhall section of the website, where a sign up box is located in the middle of the page. You may also click hereto be taken directly to the tele-townhall page. The deadline to register to ensure participation is Monday, September 16 at 5:00PM Eastern Time.

All that is needed to participate is a telephone. Joining the call is voluntary, and listeners are given an opportunity to ask Crapo about topics regarding federal policies and legislation.

Those who have signed up in advance will receive an automated phone call just before the tele-townhall begins and will receive instructions on how to participate.

This is Crapo's third of four scheduled tele-townhalls for 2013. The schedule for the remaining townhalls are listed below, all tentatively set for 7:00PM Mountain Time / 6:00PM Pacific Time:

  • December 4, 2013

Following the call, an audio file (MP3) of the full call will be posted under the tele-townhall section of Crapo's official website. To listen to previous tele-townhall meetings, click here.