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Crapo to Discuss Taxes in iTownhall Meeting

Idahoans invited to participate in discussion on July 18

Washington, D.C. - In his last-scheduled iTownhall meeting before the August state work period, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will host a teleforum focusing on new and higher taxes that all Idahoans are facing at the end of the year.  The iTownhall meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 18, at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time/6:00 p.m. Pacific.  From the Obamacare health law, with its recently upheld tax increases projected to fall largely on middle-income families, to new tax proposals, the threat of impending tax hikes are continuing to be an issue of concern to all Idaho families and small businesses. 

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the latest tax proposals being proposed by the White House could raise taxes on nearly 1 million small business owners directly.  Crapo noted that additionally, 53 percent of all business income reported on individual tax returns will be affected by this policy and 25 percent of the American workforce will be hit with higher taxes.  He said job creation could be affected by the combination of higher taxes and uncertainty about regulations and health care policies.

"Over the last few years, we have seen more spending, more debt, more taxes and more regulations from the federal government.  In a weak economy, economists agree that one of the worst things you can do is raise taxes," Crapo said.  "Recent tax proposals by the administration do not reform or simplify the tax code; they make it more unpredictable.  I have been working for years to craft solutions for comprehensive tax reform, and welcome input and ideas from Idahoans."

To sign up for the iTownhall meeting, please visit Senator Crapo's website,, and click on the iTownhall icon. You will be directed to send an e-mail request with your contact information. In order to ensure your participation, you need to sign up before Monday, July 16 th.

To participate in the meeting, all you need is a telephone.  Participation is voluntary, and listeners are given an opportunity to ask the Senator about topics regarding federal policies or legislation.  Those who have signed up will receive an automated phone call just before the iTownhall forum begins and will be instructed on how to participate.

Following the call, an audio file (MP3) of the full call will be posted on the website.