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Crapo Teen Violence Resolution Passes Senate

Resolution designates Feb. 6-10 as â??National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Weekâ??

Washington, DC â??Awareness efforts to address teen dating violence will see more attention in schools and communities after the Senate passed a resolution by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo. S. Res. 275 designated February 6-10, 2006 as â??National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Weekâ?? (TDVAP), which the Senate approved by unanimous consent. The resolution is in conjunction with the activities of the Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Initiative, to curb the growing problem of teen dating violence throughout the country. S. Res. 275 calls on government, private organizations and public officials to promote activities in their respective communities that raise awareness of the high incidence of teen dating violence as well as prevention strategies.â??Teen dating violence--including physical, emotional, and sexual assault--is a reality for many American teenagers,â?? Crapo said. â??Like drug abuse, itâ??s a reality which many parents may miss. Iâ??ve been impressed by the teens, those who are most affected by this insidious tragedy, who are leading the efforts to raise awareness of dating violence. This is one major step we can take toward the goal of eliminating the tragedy of children hurting children, and I am privileged to be in a position to help lead this effort.â??A bipartisan group of Crapoâ??s Senate colleagues, numerous governors, the U.S. Departments of Education, Justice and Health and Human Services have already pledged to work with the goals and activities of TDVAP week. The TDVAP Initiative is led by teenagers from across the country, the American Bar Association, and dozens of other organizations in an effort to put a stop to teen dating violence. In 2004, teenagers engaged in this effort from 20 state teams, including Idaho, attended a national awareness and education summit and developed TDVAP Initiative toolkits to distribute to high schools across the nation in conjunction with TDVAP week. A media event to kick off National Teen Dating Violence Week will be held on February 6th in Washington, D.C. with the teens, Congressional co-sponsors and supporters of this resolution and initiative.