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Crapo Supports Resolution to Protect Constitutional Rights of Social Security Beneficiaries

Senator Says Social Security Rule Threatens Second Amendment Rights of Beneficiaries

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo today voted to support a Resolution of Disapproval that will stop a rule issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA) from stripping the Second Amendment rights of some Social Security beneficiaries. 

“Today’s resolution of disapproval will stop the Social Security Administration from stigmatizing people with disabilities and stripping beneficiaries of their Second Amendment rights,” said Crapo, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “The Social Security Administration is not a court of law and it is unacceptable that it take any action against a beneficiary without due process.  Congress has done the right thing to stop this overreach and repeal this rule.”

Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress may submit a joint resolution of disapproval to overturn a final rule issued by an Executive Branch agency.  The resolution approved today will halt a rule submitted by SSA in December 2016.  The rule requires SSA to report individuals who have been adjudicated as “mentally defective” to the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS).  Under the rule, individuals who have been appointed a representative payee may also be submitted to NICS.  In some cases, the SSA may appoint, or a beneficiary may request, a representative payee to assist  a beneficiary with managing their benefits.  The wide-ranging rule will affect many Americans as more than eight million beneficiaries need help managing their benefits, according to SSA.  Earlier this year, Senator Crapo introduced a bill to effectively overturn the rule and highlighted it in an op-ed this month.  The Resolution passed today by the Senate will enact the changes Senator Crapo sought to address with his legislation.

The measure now goes to President Trump who is expected to sign the measure.

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