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Crapo Supports Alito For Support Court

Looks to fair vote on Senate floor

Washington, DC - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Samuel Alito's experience and distinguished record of fairness will make him an excellent member of the Court today after Alito's nomination was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The confirmation now moves to the Senate floor."Judge Alito has proven with his decades of public service that he is extremely well qualified to serve on the Supreme Court to interpret and uphold the Constitution," Crapo said. "He was unanimously confirmed to serve on the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and he is equally qualified today. I followed the hearings and Judge Alito's responses to a broad range of questions posed by members of the Committee. I also followed the testimony of his fellow judges on the 3rd Circuit and the others who have witnessed first-hand, his performance as a judge. These hearings helped to confirm to me and to the nation he exceeds the standards. I will vote for him on the Senate floor and anticipate a dignified debate and look forward to a fair up or down vote on his confirmation."Judge Alito's confirmation debate begins on the Senate floor tomorrow.