February 02, 2005

Crapo: Ronald Reagan Legacy, As The Man,Larger Than Life

Calls it fitting to honor his passing with Normandy invasion

Idaho Falls - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo issued the following statement today on the passing of Ronald Reagan:â??If ever there is to be a president who could be called â??larger than life,â?? truly that President is Ronald Reagan. From leading Congress through tough budget times, to appearing on the big screen as an actor, to calling for the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall and see it happen, to becoming our longest-living President, Ronald Reagan leaves some of the largest footprints in 20th Century history.â??It may be well fitting we will remember both the Gipper and the brave members of our military who came ashore at Normandy this weekend. They are both heroes of the tallest order, and a long-enduring example of what America, and Americans are all about: freedom.â??# # #