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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo, Risch Support Armed Forces with NDAA Passage

Defense bill includes funding for Mountain Home Air Force Base, Gowen Field and INL, takes care of troops, prevents advancement of far-left provisions

Washington, D.C.--Today,  U.S. Senators for Idaho Mike Crapo and Jim Risch voted in support of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), fulfilling Congress’ constitutional duty to “provide for the common defense.” 

“The bipartisan NDAA contains a number of provisions to provide resources to help Idaho’s women and men in uniform conduct their missions forcefully and efficiently,” said Crapo.  “It further provides critical tools necessary for boosting America’s national security both at home and abroad.”

“The FY 2022 NDAA ensures our military has the resources it needs to defend the country, provides servicemembers with a well-deserved pay raise, and strengthens U.S. preparedness in the face of mounting provocations from adversaries,” said Risch.  “The final bill should have included my amendment to deter Russian aggression against Ukraine by stopping the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.  Stopping Nord Stream 2, when roughly a third of Russia’s budget comes from oil and gas, would show Putin Congress is serious about consequences for his actions.  I’m disappointed my Democrat colleagues excluded this important provision, but voting in support of this defense bill and in support of our troops is the right thing to do.” 

The FY 2022 NDAA increases authorized defense funding, provides U.S. troops with a pay raise and prioritizes military family readiness by including support for spousal employment.  Republicans were also successful in preventing progressive lawmakers from using the NDAA to advance their far-left social agenda and further their efforts for D.C. statehood.

The FY 2022 NDAA includes specific authorized funds for various projects important to the state of Idaho, including: 

  • Cleanup and waste disposal at the Idaho National Laboratory;
  • A water treatment plant at the Mountain Home Air Force Base to ensure a steady and reliable source of water at the base;
  • A first-of-its-kind National Guard Readiness Center in Jerome;
  • A new medical training facility at Gowen Field;
  • Continuous composite 3D printing projects, in which Idaho industry plays a key role.
  • A Sense of Congress that the U.S. government should continue to appropriately compensate and recognize individuals affected by Cold-War era above-ground nuclear testing, often referred to as “downwinders.”