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Crapo, Risch Earn Top Award for Conservative Votes in the Senate

American Conservative Union Ranks Both Senators Among Top Ten of Most Conservative in Senate

In recognition of their votes to advance conservative principles of government, Idaho Senators Mike Crapo, Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Development Committee and Jim Risch, Chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee, have received top marks from the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF).  Both Senators Crapo and Risch received a score of 92 from the conservative group for their votes on specific legislation and have been awarded the Conservative Excellence Award from the group.  Both senators are in the top ten of conservative senators ranked by the ACUF.

ACUF has rated members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives on their commitment to conservative values by examining their voting records each year for the past 46 years.  The group chooses specific legislation as part of its annual rankings that fall under the categories of fiscal and economic; social and cultural; and national security.  The rankings serve to differentiate those who are consistently voting to advance conservative principles of government. 

“In my more than 200 town meetings, the discussions centered around our national debt, solutions to our deficit, responsible long-term budgeting and a strong national defense,” said Crapo.  “I have heard directly from Idahoans what they expect from their government and that is conservative principles that put our country on sustainable path toward prosperity.  My votes have consistently reflected conservative policies throughout my time in public service.” 

“Overwhelmingly, Idahoans have conveyed to me that they are concerned with the direction of our country. They want less spending, less regulations, and less government,” said Risch.  “My service in Washington is guided by the values and priorities of Idahoans, and this rating reflects their wishes and commitment to strong constitutional values.” 

The ACUF’s complete scorecard, including explanations of scored votes and rankings of both Senate and House members can be found here online.

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