March 09, 2005

Crapo Responds To Bombings In Iraq, Jerusalem

Washington, D.C. â?? In the wake of two terrorist attacks in the Middle East hours apart today, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo voiced his concern over these efforts to hinder the peace process. â??At least 40 innocent men, women, and children perished today, victims of calculated, evil efforts to destroy the peace process happening in Iraq and between the Israelis and the Palestinians,â?? said Crapo. â??Terrorists are purveyors of violence who seek to hinder the reconciliation and rebuilding efforts made by people from all over the world.â?? â??Their ultimate goal is a world of chaos and unrest, and they pursue this goal by inflicting pain and death on the innocent.â??â??I pray that those who are in positions of power have the courage to combat this deadly minority who would wreak such devastation and brutal murder on people and families who are working for good,â?? continued Crapo.# # #