March 02, 2006

Crapo: Patriot Act Reforms Need and Achieved

Senate approves renewal of measure to fight terrorism

Washington, DC â?? Efforts to reform the Patriot Act amidst concerns about civil liberties protection have made the end product a better one for all Americans, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said today following a vote by the U.S. Senate on the reform measure. Crapo voted to support the renewal of an amended Patriot Act, labeling the reform package â??a good example of bipartisan collaboration and public scrutinyâ?? which strengthens the fight against terrorism.Crapo said, â??The issues about the Patriot Act have been resolved. The Act has been amended now in a fashion that even more aggressively protects civil rights while making sure that our law enforcement and intelligence agencies have the tools that they need to fight terrorism. Congress will remain vigilant to make sure Constitutional protections remain the practice under the Act.â?? He added that several provisions approved today in the Senate contain sunset provisions, allowing Congress to continue to perform necessary oversight and make any needed clarifications with the benefit of future experience. The vote of 89 to 10 renews the original Patriot Act approved in 2001. # # #