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Crapo: Partisan Power Grab Would Compound Confusion in Election Process

Washington, D.C.--U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) joined Republican colleagues in speaking at a news conference to rail against Senate Democrats’ proposals to federalize the elections process and weaken or eliminate the filibuster.


To view Senator Crapo’s full remarks, click HERE or the image above.

Senator Crapo’s full remarks from the news conference are below. 

“What the Democrats have coined a “voting rights” bill is really just a partisan, political power grab.  It would circumvent and federalize our entire elections process, stripping states of their constitutional authorities. 

“Senator Blunt referenced the fact that the claims that states are somehow trying to suppress voter access to the polls are false.  

“Idaho, as an example, is doing what other states across this country are doing, running their elections well, and making sure there is increased voter access, and strengthening security at the polls. 

“Idaho has implemented efforts to increase voter turnout, including same-day voter registration with proof of residence and no-excuse absentee and early voting. 

“Those are the kinds of things that are the truth happening around the country.  Not claims about voter suppression. 

“The Democrats’ highly partisan power grab would:

  • Force taxpayers to pay for politicians’ political campaigns;
  • Expand the practice of ballot harvesting;
  • Keep deceased people and those who have moved out of the area on voter registration rolls; and
  • Federalize all election laws, which would violate the U.S. Constitution’s clear directive that states should administer elections. 

“States are best equipped to implement and enforce election policies that protect the integrity and future of their elections. 

“Efforts currently underway by congressional Democrats to weaken the filibuster to achieve one-sided, partisan policy will only further erode public confidence and trust in our election system.  It is dangerous and would be catastrophic for the country. 

“This is hardly a voting-rights bill.  Eliminating the filibuster in order to advance this bad legislation would only compound confusion in our election process.”