December 18, 2015

Crapo Opposes Year-End Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo today voted against the year-end spending bill and issued the following statement: 

"This catch-all funding measure is a big part of what is wrong with Congress.  Earlier this year, Congress put together and passed a budget for the first time in seven years.  That budget put us on a path to balance over ten years and would have increased economic growth by an estimated $500 billion, while achieving $4.4 trillion in deficit reduction. But we didn't even make it through one year.  Now, not even a full year later, Congress has already broken that budget, adding billions of dollars to our national debt through this omnibus spending measure.  Moreover, this funding process should have been used to achieve reforms of major overreach by the executive branch in areas like managing sage grouse habitat or stopping the federal grab of jurisdiction over water from the states.  Yet these and many other needed reforms were stripped out."

The measure, which passed the Senate by a vote of 65-33, will now go to the President who is expected to sign the measure.

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