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U.S. National Debt:

Crapo Opposes Debt Ceiling Deal

Deal Diverts From Balanced Budget Path Established in Budget Resolution

Washington, D.C. - Idaho Senator Mike Crapo will vote against a measure currently being considered by the Senate that will raise federal spending caps, as well as the debt ceiling. Final passage of the measure is expected in the early morning hours Friday.

"This bill does almost nothing to establish long-term fiscal restraints necessary to balance the nation's budget," said Crapo. "Instead, this measure will enable continued, irresponsible government spending for the next two years, remove budget caps previously agreed to by the President and both houses of Congress, and use budgetary gimmicks to promise future savings in exchange for more spending today. Congress once again missed an opportunity to negotiate and enact real, responsible, fiscal reforms."

The measure, titled the "Bipartisan Budget Act" (H.R. 1317) will raise the federal debt ceiling through March of 2017, while at the same time, increasing federal spending by more than $80 billion over the same two-year period.

"As a member of the Senate Budget Committee, I've expressed my continuing frustration about the inability of Congress to get to the second year of any budget it passes.  Finally, earlier this year, after so many years without a budget under the previous Senate leadership, I welcomed the opportunity to vote for the budget resolution approved by this Congress, " Crapo added. "Not only was this the first time Congress approved a budget resolution in five years, it was a budget that put us on a path to balance, without raising taxes, within 10 years.   Regrettably, this measure being considered by the Senate will ensure that we fail to execute on that previously passed budget resolution. We cannot continue to fund our government through budgetary methods that mask the true picture of our fiscal reality while failing to enact real, meaningful spending and budget reforms."

The measure passed the House of Representatives Wednesday with a vote of 267-167, and is expected to be passed by the Senate and signed by the President.

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